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General presentation 

In the North Caribbean, the Bahamas have close to 700 islands and islets. The capital is Nassau, it is located on the island of New Providence. With Grand Bahamas, they are the two most populated islands of the archipelago. The Abacos islands are the second largest territory of the Bahamas, the most important islands are Great Abaco and Little Abaco

Many sites, land and sea are protected, and some islands are sometimes even privately owned to rent or sell. 

What to do

The islands of the South-East are deserted, in comparison with that of the North. However, from George Town there are many people, both travellers and locals.

Exuma is a touristic location, however, this is inevitable with its beautiful beaches, as well as its islands with Iguanas and pigs

In Eleuthea you will cast your eyes upon many beautiful sailboats, but not many motorboats. 

Treasure Cay, in the Abacos, is probably one of the most dazzling places in the world. The water is an exceptional turquoise and the sand is almost white, glistening in the sun. If this place couldn´t get any better, there are almost never crowds in the location. 

Not far from here, there is a nautical activities centre, and also a bar/restaurant where you can enjoy a typical cocktail whilst eating grills, all in an exceptional setting.

Marsh Harbour, the country´s third largest city after Nassau and Freeport, is mainly tourism-driven. The beaches are relatively small however, the Mermaid Reef dive spot is very reputed. 

The Eastern Shore is situated at the very tip of the island of Grand Abaco. Here you will see the most stunning houses, which are mostly rentable. Most of these houses also have their own access to the sea through a private pontoon.

For your taste buds...

The Bahamian cuisine is spicy and uplifting (lemon, garlic, pepper, curry), favouring seafood.

The conch is a mollusc that can be cooked in different ways, and it frequently appears on the menu. Otherwise, lobster, grilled fish or in the form of a stew is common.

Do not leave without tasting the cocktails this place has to offer, especially the Bahama mama made with rum and coconut rum, mixed with grenadine, lime juice, pineapple and orange.

Practical points...

Marinas in the North are often expensive. There are, however, free buoys available, but it is better to anchor to the side or opposite and to reach the coast in annex. 

The water here is so transparent, therefore it is clear what is beneath. This means there are no excuses not to be attentive to coral reefs

In the Bahamas there is no vast tides, but a lot of current in some passes. This means you should be careful of the wind against currents that create waves. 

The Alizes are blowing continuously in the Bahamas. Temperatures in summer are around 30 degrees. However, in July and August are the hottest months with a staggering temperature of 37 degrees, The temperature can be sitting due to the cyclone season between June and November. In winter temperatures rarely fall below 20.

The water remains between 24 and 28 degrees, and the wind oscillates between 3 and 5 beaufort.

There is a total of 22 airports in the Bahamas. The two biggest and international ones are those of Marsh Harbour and Nassau. There are direct flights to these airports from around the world.

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